Psychedelic Integration

I provide psychotherapy support for you as you discover and explore your own psychedelic experience in order to regain a balanced state of wholeness and well being.

Most people who have a psychedelic experience consider it to be a major life event with great spiritual significance.

A psychedelic experience can also provoke complex thoughts and feelings, some beautiful and some scary, that need to be processed and integrated.

Robert Szczepanski

Issues that may come up

What happens when you have a psychedelic experience without integration?

  • I had a powerful experience and I don’t know what it means. There were images and energies that I really want to understand and just don’t know how.

  • I didn’t realize that I was holding on to all of this pain inside and I need help figuring it out and letting it go.

  • Shortly after the experience, I began to doubt it all and forgot most of what happened.

How can I get the most out of the experience?

  • I returned from my experience feeling very blissful, clear and open. I’d like to access that feeling again and can’t seem to get it.

  • My whole sense of identity is shaken. I find myself asking questions like, “who am I?”, “why am I here?”, or “what’s the point of all this anyway?”

What happens when don’t have support?

  • I wish I didn’t do it because none of it makes sense to me

  • It was a totally awesome experience and I want to do it again. I can’t explain what happened other than it felt it great.

  • I felt so open and connected for a couple of weeks afterwards and then it all went away. I can’t get it back.

Results that you can expect

In my psychedelic integration work with clients, I’ve seen them:

  • Develop and implement daily spiritual and embodied practices that help them create an enduring and meaningful relationship with the experience.

  • Find relief and insight with unconscious issues that became conscious during the experience.

  • Identify limiting belief systems and patterns of behavior that impact their daily life and create a new life narrative that brings fulfillment, joy and connection.

  • Heal ancestral lines of pain and suffering and create the space for a new and upgraded way of living.

  • Find the freedom to be the person that they’ve always wanted to be and never thought was possible.

  • Find and nurture loving and open relationships with themselves and others.

How does it happen?

You and I will build a trusting and compassionate relationship where you will find your inner guidance and wisdom.

We will explore the insights and visions that were downloaded in your psychedelic experience, gather the threads, and weave together a clear, grounded and precise understanding of what it all means for you and your awakening evolution.

The results of integration psychotherapy will carry far into your life in ways that you never imagined if you are willing to invest the time and energy into the process.

My role

As a professionally trained and licensed psychotherapist, I integrate psychosomatic techniques and interventions, along with spiritual principles and practices, so that you can fully integrate your psychedelic experience.

Together, we will bring awareness and consciousness to the issues you bring forward.

If you’d like to schedule a consultation or learn more about my specialized psychedelic integration program, contact Robert.