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Continue your spiritual journey. Expand your consciousness.

Body-centered psychotherapy with Robert Szczepanski, LMFT


What is psychedelic integration work?

Are you ready to embody your spirit fully?

Are you ready to manifest the path that is waiting for you?

Are you ready to fall into your vulnerabilities and truly know yourself?


Connect to the infinite wisdom within yourself as a source of guidance and support.

Overcome blocks like fear and depression so you can live your soul’s true purpose through love.

Become more embodied and present to the path waiting for you.

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About Robert

Robert is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) with a private practice in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan.

He has specialized training in body-centered psychotherapy that recognizes the intimate relationship between the human body and the psychological well-being of a person.

Robert leads retreats and facilitate groups focused on using the body as a vehicle to radical psychological and spiritual healing and transformation.

He also integrates Reiki, Tantric and Shamanic principles and practices with his clients as a way to bridge the human experience with the natural world and the energetic realms.

He has a special interest in providing psychedelic integration support to individuals who have attended sacred Shamanic ceremonies, festivals or other related-type events.

Robert is also deeply committed to supporting the LGBTQ community and working with non-binary gender individuals. He is sex-positive, poly and kink-friendly.

His approach is client-centered, steeped in compassion, and committed to the client's unfolding to the fullest expression of themselves.


I came to see Robert when my anxiety was consuming my life. I had lost interest in many things that I had always enjoyed. I worried constantly. Robert helped me to identify events that can trigger my anxiety. He is skilled at helping me understand how past events shape who I am today. I have learned that I need to let go of things I cannot change. Since I began seeing Robert I have been able to make some very positive life decisions on my own, step out of my comfort zone and feel inspired to be better every day. I am grateful to have Robert in my life.
— Mark G.
They say everything happens for a reason. And certainly there is no coincidence that I came to work with Robert about three years ago. During that time, I was looking for guidance to find answers to life’s complex questions. I felt unhappy and stuck, to say the least. When seeing Robert, not only did I find guidance, but gained a new perspective of self and my life’s experiences. Robert’s extraordinary gift to connect brought healing to my heart and soul. His energy and expertise created a safe environment where I felt heard and truly understood. A place where my spirituality blossomed, deeper layers unfolded and transformation began to happen. I trust him fully and am so grateful to have been able to work with such an amazing being.
— Ewa S.
After being with several therapists over the years, it’s easy to tell those who genuinely care about their patients from those who are merely just “doing their job.” Robert is definitely the former. After a couple of years of therapy with Robert, including some unconventional treatments, my life has done a total 180. Sometimes now when I wake up in the morning I still can’t believe how good my life is, and I only have Robert to thank.
— Dan A.
It’s his unique abilities and skills along with a devoted approach that has been instrumental in my growth and well being during our time together.
— Michael M.
My partner and I started seeing Robert to help guide us through an alternative relationship structure, and to help strengthen our foundation as a couple. Robert was immediately calm, kind, and welcoming. He’s genuine, non-judgmental, and very easy to be open with. As a couple, we struggled together through the first 6 months of therapy as we dug in and discussed deep seeded issues. With Robert’s help, we came out on the other side closer together and better equipped to resolve issues. Robert gave us a lasting impact on our relationship, and we’re undoubtedly stronger because of him.
— David M.